The Peace Flame Network

The Enabling Support Foundation has Mission to maximize the potential of everyone.  During the past 12 years ESF has focused on grassroots African groups that support Human Development and Enrichment.  Our strategy was simple: Find them and we will build it together.  We search the Internet for social good organizations and invite productive groups to join the Peace Flame network.   The scope of that network is expanding and so expect this website to expand with it.

The most important drive is toward Education in the 21st Century.   In addition, there are Peace Flame initiatives for Orphans, Persons With Disablities, Health, Food, Sports, and Culture.  

We invite you to register as a skill based volunteer or as part of corporate social responsibility.  Select Individual Registration tab to join.

If you would like to register your school for inclusion in the Early Reading program, select the School Registration tab.

To see the existing schools, select the Registered School tab.